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  1. My afternoon with Jozi

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    My afternoon with Jozi


    Driving in Jo’burg isn’t as easy as Cape Town. Last Thursday I almost drove on to a motorway in the wrong direction. It wasn’t entirely my fault though – it was Jozi’s.

    Jozi is the name I gave to the sat nav that the people in Johannesburg Backpackers where I’m staying were kind enough to give me. They did so to ensure I didn’t get lost or drive down motorways the wrong way. And the reason I christened the sat nav Jozi is because a) the voice directing me was a female one and b) Jozi is what some people call Johannesburg.

    Over the course of the day I didn't do a whole lot of driving, but I did a bit. I drove up to Sandton to see the shopping mall, Nelson Mandela Square and a very large statue of the man himself, I drove to the Botanic Gardens as it’s always good to see where’s good to chill out for a while, and I drove over to Rosebank as there’s a nice area there called ‘The Zone’ that’s full of restaurants.

    I also drove to Soccer City. That’s where the World Cup Final is being held. That’s also where I almost drove up the motorway the wrong way. But as I said, it was Jozi’s fault. She took me up there. After that I went back to the hostel as there was a ‘Braai’ taking place. That’s South African for barbecue.

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