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  1. My first train ride in the US of A

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    My first train ride in the US of A


    In all the times I’ve been in America, I’ve never taken a train ride anywhere. That all changed today though. I’m now in Washington DC but rather than fly here, I took the train.

    Train is by far my favourite way to travel. You can stretch out, you can go for a walk, you can enjoy the scenery, you don’t need to be at the train station three hours before a flight. It’s great. That’s why I took the train from New York to here. It took less than three hours, there was free WiFi on it, and the time flew. Really glad I got it.

    So as I said, now I’m in Washington DC. I’m staying in HI Washington which is right in the centre of town. Haven’t really done too much exploring just yet. But Mr Obama’s house is just around the corner so that could be my first port of call.

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