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  1. My last day in PE

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 1 Comments

    My last day in PE


    The past few days have gone so quickly! What with all the sightseeing around the city, the trip to Addo and Schotia my time here in Port Elizabeth really has flown!

    Today, I walked down to the Boardwalk via a couple of the beaches along the waterfront. I took some pictures and some video for my postcard video of Port Elizabeth and then headed on into the Boardwalk itself.

    There I head a late breakfast in Dulcé Café which has such an extensive menu. And in my opinion it’s really great value! I had an orange juice, French toast with bacon (which is part of the breakfast range they serve all day) and a berry smoothie with it all costing under €10. There’s pretty great value.

    I spent the rest of the afternoon filming along the beach again as the sky had cleared a lot from this morning when it was pretty grey and overcast. I was really surprised at how quickly the sky cleared in the end and without a drop of rain. The clouds are back now though so I'm hoping there'll be some rain as there’s a pretty serious drought going on here at the minute.

    I’m off to Jeffreys Bay tomorrow where I’ll meet up with Ed again to check out the town. I’ve got a really early start, picking up the Baz Bus from Lungile Lodge at 6.30am so I’m off to pack up shop and then have an early night.

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    Brenda said on 08/02/2010 at 10:42pm

    Just back from sa had a wonderful 5 week trip really enjoyed jeff bay and dolphin beach a sight for sore eyes

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