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  1. My Spanish is getting better by the day

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    My Spanish is getting better by the day


    I thought our teacher Susana didn't speak English out of principal. I was wrong. She just doesn't speak English. This is better because if she did my Spanish grammar wouldn't be as good as it is (to a certain extent you understand...)

    This class is great. First of all she explained to us the difference between 'I', 'you', 'he/she', then 'us', 'we' and 'you' (plural). It's amazing how much you can understand through a language that you don't speak. What makes it better is that once she's taught what she wants to tell us, she puts us in groups.

    I've got no class tomorrow because tomorrow is Festes de la Mercé - Barcelona's biggest festival. I'm looking forward to it as you can imagine. Then it's back to the class for one more day. At that stage I'll be fluent. Ok, maybe not, but my command certainly will be better. I hope so anyway.

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