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  1. New Hostelworld.com Travel Feature - Top Pisa Restaurants

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    New Hostelworld.com Travel Feature - Top Pisa Restaurants


    While I was in Pisa, I checked out a lot of different restaurants and cafes. I've picked out the best places I visited and put them into a new Hostelworld.com feature called 'Cheap Places to Eat in Pisa - Top Pisa Restaurants'.

    Ten different eateries feature in the article including places to stop in the morning for coffee and a croissant, some great choices for a cheap and filling lunch, and, of course, where to get great pasta. I have to say, I really loved Ristorante Turrido on Via D. Cavalca. I fondly remember their ravioli with porcini mushrooms and the giant bowl of tiramisu I had for dessert there. Mmm!

    We've got quite a few travel features on Hostelworld.com now, covering all kinds of topics from Christmas Markets to tips on how to take great shots while you're travelling. There's a comment feature on these articles now and we'd love to hear what you think!

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