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  1. New Hostelworld.com Travel Feature - Your Favourite NYC Bars

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    New Hostelworld.com Travel Feature - Your Favourite NYC Bars


    Over at our Hostelworld.com Facebook page, we asked you about your favourite bars in New York City. Out of the responses, plus some information of our own, I've put together our latest feature article 'Top Bars in New York - Your Favourite NYC Bars'.

    Ten Hostelworld.com Facebook fans are featured in this article, thanks to their great suggestions for places to head on a night out in the City that Never Sleeps! Some of the top nightspots mentioned include Cheap Shots, which is famous for its - you guessed it - cheap shots; well-known Irish bar Connolly's; and the Slaughtered Lamb, a bar inspired by the movie 'An American Werewolf in London'.

    So, lots of variety there!

    The people who suggested these great bars have won a Hostelworld.com Gold Card worth $10. This is just one of a series of features we're doing here at Hostelworld.com.

    So if you want to be in with the chance to win one of our Gold Cards while sharing your opinion with the world then head on over to our Facebook page and comment on the latest question:

    What's your top insider tip for Paris?


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