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  1. New podcast: Ask the locals - New York City

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    New podcast: Ask the locals - New York City


    While I do my best to recommend you the best bars and restaurants in cities, sometimes it’s good to hear the locals telling you what their favourite places are. Listen to my latest podcast "Askthe locals – New York City" and you can do just that.

    Recorded in the heart of Midtown Manhattan on the corner of Seventh Ave and 33rd St, it didn’t take me long to get eight members of New York’s population (4 of each gender) to tell me what their favourite bars, restaurants and neighbourhoods were. By doing so I found out that a girl the night before eating in a restaurant called ‘Tao’ and Williamsburg in Brooklyn is one of the city’s most popular neighbourhoods.

    You can listen to our podcast by clicking on the play icon on our neat flash player on this page. Hope you like it.


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