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  1. New podcast for Jeffrey's Bay now live

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    New podcast for Jeffrey's Bay now live


    Jeffrey's Bay is a really cool seaside town in the Eastern Cape, and during my stay here I recorded my latest Hostelworld.com podcast 'Jeffrey's Bay – A surfer's paradise'. In it, I speak with Andy Thuysman, Chairperson of the Local Boardriders Surf Club.

    From the moment I arrived in J-bay it wasn't hard to see why it's such a popular spot, especially with surfers. Beautiful sandy beaches, great waves and more draw in large numbers of visitors each and every year. I wanted to find out more about why surfing is so popular in Jeffrey's Bay though, which is why I decided to interview Andy who's been surfing in the area for many years.

    He told me all about the swells and breaks here, where the experienced surfers go (Supertubes) and what you can expect from a surf lesson like the ones pictured here. I also learned about the town's Surf Museum, the beautiful Dolphin Beach which has a Blue Flag, and plenty more.

    So whether you're an experienced or wannabe surfer, check out our Jeffrey's Bay podcast to find out more about surfing in J-bay.

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