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  1. New podcast: Only in Oslo...

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    New podcast: Only in Oslo...


    While I was in Oslo, I recorded interviews at three of the city's main attractions. These are things that you can only see in Oslo, and you can now learn more about them by listening to our latest podcast 'Only in Oslo...'

    At the Nobel Peace Center, I spoke with Bente Erichsen. Bente is the Nobel Peace Center's Director and she told me all about their interactive displays and how they create the specific exhibits for the new recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize named each October.

    Lene Jacobsen, the Oslo Opera House's Press Officer, spoke to me about the wide array of cultural events held there including opera, ballet and more and about the unique architecture of the Opera House. (You can walk up the side of the building and go for a stoll on the roof!)

    I learned all about Viking burial ships and grave robbers from Ellen Naess, the Education Officer at the Viking Ship Museum. Housing the remains of three imposing Viking Ships found close to Oslo, it's a very popular place to visit.

    So, if you want to learn more about three of Oslo's top attractions, check out our latest podcast 'Only in Oslo...'

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