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  1. New travel podcast from Port Elizabeth live

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    New travel podcast from Port Elizabeth live


    Next up from the six podcasts I recorded in South Africa is ‘Port Elizabeth – Highlights of the Garden Route’, the first of two podcasts from Port Elizabeth. In this podcast, I speak with Aimee Bell who’s a Sales Representative with Baz Bus.

    The Garden Route is one of the most popular areas with travellers to South Africa thanks to its natural beauty, awesome activities and plenty more. Before heading off along the Garden Route though, many people first spend some time in Port Elizabeth itself.

    In the podcast, I heard all about some of PE’s top things to see and do. Then Aimee took me on a little tour along the Garden Route so to speak, as she listed out some of the popular towns to visit along this particular route and descried some of the top activities to try along the Garden Route. These activities include bungee jumping of the impressive Bloukrans Bridge which is pictured here.

    Aimee also spoke to me about how Baz Bus operates and I learned that part of the Baz Bus service includes dropping travellers off directly at their chosen hostels along the route.

    If you want to find out more about the things to see and do in Port Elizabeth and along the Garden Route, check out our Port Elizabeth podcast.

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