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  1. Nightlife in Bellavista

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    Nightlife in Bellavista


    By staying in Bellavista Hostel I’ve chosen well. Not only is it a really cool hostel where I’m meeting lots of people – it’s got Santiago’s coolest bars on its doorstep. Is very handy when you’re researching nightlife in a city.

    I did a bit of bar hopping last night. Checked into a bar called Opium on Bombero Nunez. They had a couple of live bands on tonight and a DJ was going to be on later.

    Across the road from this is Café Ibiza. If you’re looking for a commercial bar with chart music, this is for you.

    Also dropped into Zona 3 on Pio Nono – Bellavista’s main drag. If you’re looking to simply chat with mates and catch up, this is where to go.

    Now though, I’m off to sleep.

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