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  1. Nightlife in Johannesburg - head for Melville

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    Nightlife in Johannesburg - head for Melville


    Unlike other cities, the downtown area isn’t where the nightlife is here in Johannesburg. Most people don’t even venture in there during the day. Instead one of the best places to go out at night is 7th St in Melville.

    Last night I went there for a bite to eat and a few drinks. I ate in Soi, a Thai-Vietnamese restaurant. It was lovely and extremely reasonable. I went for the ‘Angry Duck’. Why angry? Because it was hot. Very hot.

    Afterwards I went for a few drinks – went for one in Six, a cool cocktail bar that’s one of the liveliest ones on the strip, I went for one in Liquid Blue which is a bit of a tamer affair, and one in Ratz, the most ‘pub-like’ place if you get me. But it wasn’t too late – I left at midnight. That was because I’ve an early start today – I’m exploring the notorious downtown Jo’burg. 

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