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  1. Nightlife in Quebec City – Grande Allée

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    Nightlife in Quebec City – Grande Allée


    This evening I sampled some delicious Quebec food including the wonderful ‘Pouding chômeur’ pictured here, while having a great chat with Richard from the city’s tourist office. After that, I decided to check out a couple of Quebec City’s top bars and clubs.

    These are located along Grande Allée, one of the best streets to check out if you’re looking for food, music, dancing and drinks.

    Even though the rain was pouring down tonight, many of the establishments along this popular street were doing a great trade. A few in particular stand out and these are Maurice, Charlotte and Dagobert.

    Maurice and Charlotte are actually both part of the same bar and club. Maurice is the club area, complete with plenty of space to dance and a big bar where you can sample a great variety of drinks. Charlotte is the lounge upstairs and tonight it was filled with a funky young crowd who were enjoying their drinks in the plush booths or at the well-stocked bar.

    Not too far away and also located along Grande Allée, you’ll come across Dagobert. Another multi-level affair, this spot often hosts live music acts downstairs while DJs spin dance tunes (and crank up the smoke machines) upstairs. Also popular with a young crowd, Dagobert serves up a wide range of reasonably priced tipples.

    So, if you’re looking for somewhere to go out in Quebec, definitely check out Grande Allée which is home to the nightspots I’ve mentioned here plus plenty more.

    I’m off to bed now and I’m hoping the weather will improve tomorrow for my trip out to Wendake, a reserve not too far from the city.

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