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  1. Nightlife in Toronto – Dundas Square & John Street

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    Nightlife in Toronto – Dundas Square & John Street


    My first trip on one of Toronto’s streetcars was an interesting one. As we neared Dundas Square, which is this city’s version of Times Square, traffic slowed to a crawl. After I hopped off the car, I realised why.

    To celebrate the start of the NHL hockey season, some of Yonge Street, and what looked like a couple of other streets as well, had been closed off for an open-air event. A big stage was set up in the middle of the square and there was live music and a real party atmosphere.

    The Maple Leafs are the team here in Toronto and their fans are incredibly loyal. They won tonight so of course the crowd in Dundas Square was in great spirits. The team are playing again on Saturday night and I’ve managed to snag myself a ticket up in the nosebleeds. It should be fantastic and I’m really excited.

    Like I said earlier, Dundas Square is kind of like Toronto’s answer to Times Square in NYC. So there are lots of flashy billboards, lots of entertainment venues, and lots of things happening in and around the square. It’s pretty cool during the day but definitely more impressive at night when everything’s all lit up.

    As I was walking back to Clarence Castle from Dundas Square, I decided to check out another street that I’d heard was good for nightlife. The stretch of John Street between Queen and King Streets is home to a good selection of bars and restaurants.

    Having checked out a couple, the one I most enjoyed was the Fox and Fiddle. They’ve got a great variety of different beers on tap (I counted 20 different taps at one of the bar areas) plus great specials on both drinks and food.

    There was a good crowd in there tonight watching hockey, drinking and chatting across both levels of the bar. Quite a few people were also sitting at the tables outside and out on the upstairs patio. White I was there I had a chat with the staff and they were really friendly. This place has quite a laid-back feel to it so I’d say it’d be nice for a drink during the day too.

    I’ve got a busy day planned for tomorrow which includes checking out the shopping around Dundas Square, having a look around the Church Wellesley Village and plenty more.

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