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  1. Nominate your Blog in Hostelworld's Travel Story Awards

    posted by Isabel Clift | 0 Comments


    Nominations are open for Hostelworld’s Travel Story Awards.

    You can nominate a post from your own blog for every category, or other bloggers’ posts you’ve liked this year.

    Nominate now

    How it works

    • Awards are for individual blog posts
    • You can nominate one of your posts for each category, or another blogger’s.
    • …except Storyteller of the Year, which is for a blog overall (you can nominate yourself for that too.)

    How the awards will run

    • Nominations close 7pm GMT on Thursday 21st November
    • A shortlist of five bloggers for each category will be put to public vote in December
    • Winners get a week’s free accommodation from Hostelworld

    Award categories

    • Storyteller of the Year
    • Inspiration
    • Photo
    • Video
    • Positive Impact
    • Food
    • Funny
    • Debate
    • Original
    • Adventure

    Get nominating now!

    A longlist of nominees for every category will be linked to from the Hostelworld Blog.

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