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  1. Not one...not two...but three new travel podcasts!

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    Not one...not two...but three new travel podcasts!


    I've been a bit shabby with the travel podcasts of late, and there have been three new podcasts uploaded to the site since my last podcast blog. Apologies.

    The first one was recorded in South Africa's most famous city and is called "Cape Town - Ask the locals". In it I hit the streets to ask passer-bys what their favourite bars, restaurants and neighbourhoods are.

    The second was recorded in Spain last week and is called "Barcelona - Highlights of the city" and is an interview about just that - the city's highlights.

    Last but not least is a podcast just uploaded earlier this afternoon called "Johannesburg - At the Apartheid Museum". I recorded it in 'Joburg' last February in one of the world's most fascinating museums.

    Hope you enjoy them and if none of them tickle your fancy, we've got over 70 more travel podcasts to choose from.

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