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  1. Of bonfires and barmen

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    Of bonfires and barmen


    In my last post I mentioned Ntisko and his cousin Chris who I met on the township tour. Well, I saw Chris again at Island Vibe later on this evening where he performed with a group of kids known as the African Celebration Dancers.

    The kids ranged in age from around 5 to probably around 12. They danced and sang while Chris played a drum and it was absolutely brilliant to see. They’re raising money to go perform at a cultural dancing event in Alexandria soon and they really are a talented bunch of kids.

    After that I hung out in the Island Vibe bar for a while and got talking to Tom who runs the bar and restaurant here at the hostel. I informed him that I’d heard a story that his barmen occasionally took their clothes off (true fact) and asked him what other things happened in the bar.

    He regaled me with tales of pirate theme parties, turning the bar into a jungle and much more. I had just caught the end of their happy hour in the bar which usually runs from 3pm to 6pm (but can run longer!) but as I was still on the clock I stuck to coke. The parties and drinks specials happening in the Island Vibe bar are changing all the time with plenty of spontaneous stuff happening too.

    Like the bonfire tonight. It’s actually still going on down on the beach and I can hear the guys singing a pretty unique version of ‘Free Fallin’. They’re not bad at all! People are sitting around the fire and singing and there’s going to be fireworks. The bonfire itself is kind of hypnotising and I think I got some good pictures including the one you can see here.

    Right now I’m going to get my podcast stuff ready for tomorrow as I have an appointment with Andy at 10am.

    One last thought, I’m going have to come back here to J Bay for a holiday at some stage. I really am very enamoured with this whole town.

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