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  1. On the London Eye – one of London’s top attractions

    posted by Colm Hanratty | 0 Comments

    On the London Eye – one of London’s top attractions


    There are certain things that are considered must-dos in different cities. Rome’s are the historic Roman Colosseum and the Vatican Museum which just drips of gold, while New York City’s are the iconic the Empire State Building and the gaudy yet dazzling Times Square among others. So what are London’s? It’s got a few – one of which is the London Eye, unquestionably one of London's top attractions.

    I’ve been on the London Eye three times now. I figure it’s part and parcel of a trip to the English capital. Even though it’s not as historic as the celebrated Tower of London or Buckingham Palace, it’s just as iconic at this stage. You’ll hardly see a collage of London landmarks on TV that doesn’t feature it.

    So what does a trip on the London Eye entail? Well unless you book online, a lot of queuing, particularly in high season which we are just about to hit. After that, you’ve got thirty minutes in a clear glass ‘capsule’ to relish. The views are spectacular, especially those to the west where you’ll see Hyde Park, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and more.

    At £19.98 a ticket, it certainly isn’t cheap. But, after being to the top of the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower and other sky-scraping attractions around the world, I can safely say that I’m not sure if I actually spent thirty minutes atop any of those structures. So when you think about it, £20 actually isn’t that bad.

    If you are going to the English capital, and fancy going on the London Eye (which I suggest you do), you won’t regret it. It really is one of London's top attractions. Just make sure to buy those tickets before you go – you can do that on the London Eye’s official website.

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