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  1. Our cycle through France in aid of a very good cause

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    Our cycle through France in aid of a very good cause


    Last month Hostelworld.com CEO Feargal Mooney left Hostelworld Headquarters en route to France. It was here that he would begin a cycle covering over 600km in six day which was in aid of a very, very good cause - the Special Olympics. Over the six days Feargal and the rest of the team (there were 22 people in total) would pass through the French capital along with smaller destinations such as Orange, while some would tackle a 3,000m climb up the Mont Ventoux route.

    Altogether the team stopped in seven destinations on their adventure: Paris, Sens, Avallon, Beaune, Aix-en-Provence, Draguignan and Nice. While they tested their physical stamina, the countryside, as you can see from the below photo, made the journey that little bit easier.

    Ever thought about doing something similar yourself? Even just for fun? We've bike tours which range from those going down the 'World's most dangerous road' to others which look at another side of Rome.

    So far Feargal and the rest of the team have raised over €217,000, but they're not content with that. They're hoping to raise even more. To do this, they need your help.

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