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  1. Our photo of the day: A local drives his longboat in Thailand

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    Our photo of the day: A local drives his longboat in Thailand


    You've seen the photo hundreds of times. You know the one? The shot of a long boat parked up on a beach somewhere in Thailand, probably on an island such as Ko Phi Phi or Ko Samui. Don't get me wrong - it's a great shot. If you're going to Thailand make sure to take it. But don't forget to tell the story of the person who drives it also.

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    That's what I did with today's photo. I had to get a long boat from a place called Railay Beach on the Andaman Coast to a city called Krabi where I was getting a flight back to Bangkok. As Railay is a very quiet place (and outrageously beautiful) I didn't have what us Irish describe as 'a head on me', ie a hangover. This meant I was alert enough to realise a good photo when I saw one...of one of Thailand's many boat drivers going about his day to day business.

    Thailand's Andaman Coast is a tiny bit more expensive than the rest of the country, but every cent spent is worth it. It's where you'll find the breathtaking Railay Beach, the well-known Ko Phi Phi and the quieter Koh Lanta. If you're going to Thailand soon (which I am) don't miss it.

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