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  1. Our photo of the day: After dark in Barcelona's El Born district

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    Our photo of the day: After dark in Barcelona's El Born district


    Ask anybody why they love Barcelona so much (and you'll find out that most people do indeed love it) and one thing that will come up time and time again is the nightlife. 'Barcelona nightlife rocks!' and 'Man, I partied so hard in Barcelona I thought I'd need a liver transplant' are just some phrases you might hear when talking of it. A neighbourhood famed for its nightlife is El Born, pictured here one night last September.

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    Technically speaking, El Born could be seen as a pocket of another, larger and better known neighbourhood called Barri Gotic. But it's still its own neighbourhood in its own right, and one which is definitely a bit busier at night than during the day. Here the bars can be found along the tree-lined Passieg el Born where I took this photo.

    There's a reason Barcelona is such a popular city - it's got architecture you won't find anywhere else, it's home to the world's most famous football club and, as I've just stated, it's famed for its nightlife. To find out more about the Catalonian capital watch our videos, listen to our podcasts and more. And of course, if you're planning a trip there check out our great selection of hostels in Barcelona.

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