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  1. Our photo of the day: At the Quays of the Old Port in Montreal

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    Our photo of the day: At the Quays of the Old Port in Montreal


    My favourite thing about Montreal is its wonderful collection of neighbourhoods, from Plateau Mont Royal to Little Italy to the Village to the Latin Quarter. All of these areas have a totally unique atmosphere, coming together to make Montreal one of the coolest cities in Canada.

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    Another popular area of the city is Vieux Montreal, also known as Old Montreal. This is where you’ll find the Quays of the Old Port, which is where I took today’s photo. I visited Montreal during autumn and, as you can see, the beautiful ‘fall foliage’ was already starting to show. To get a better look at the Quays and other top Montreal attractions, check out our Montreal video postcard.

    I also loved how many great local specialties there are to try out in Montreal, from bagels to smoked meat sandwiches to poutine. Of these, I think I enjoyed poutine the most. Originating from Quebec, you’ll find poutine on menus at eateries all over Canada. I had my first poutine at La Banquise, which I included in our free Montreal pocket guide. When they set the heaped plate of food down, I was a little unsure about this giant mount of fries, cheese curds and gravy facing me. One bite later and I was completely sold. It’s delicious and something I’d definitely recommend you try out if you’re in town.

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