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  1. Our photo of the day: Chicago's 'Cloud Gate' aka 'The Bean'

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    Our photo of the day: Chicago's 'Cloud Gate' aka 'The Bean'


    Designed by Indian-born English sculptor Anish Kapoor, Cloud Gate is one of Chicago's best-known landmarks. It lends itself to a host of quirky photographs of distorted reflections of either yourself or the skyline, and it gives you an excuse to visit one of the city's best-loved parks, Millennium Park. I was surprised when I read though, that the locals didn't like it when it was first unveiled in 2004.

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    A major factor to the initial disapproval was the fact that it cost the city US$23 million and it looked, quite literally, like a big silver bean. This in turn gave the sculpture its nickname 'The Bean'. To make matters worse, shortly after its rather unsuccessful introduction to the world it was kept under wraps again for two years. This triggered a 'we payed loads of money for it but can't even see it?' type attitude.

    But two years later in 2006 when it was revealed to the public once again attitudes changed. All of a sudden everybody loved it, and rightly so. While it may be a giant bean, today it's regarded as one of the city's gems - a truly unique sculpture and one both locals and tourists flock to.

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    tedddy B said on 20/07/2011 at 7:34pm

    That monnies could have fed many poor in the chicagoland area .. put that bean in a pot and feed the hungry!!!

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