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  1. Our photo of the day: Entering Liverpool's Chinatown area

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    Our photo of the day: Entering Liverpool's Chinatown area


    Chinatown is probably my second favourite neighbourhood in Liverpool, after Lark Lane. Like Lark Lane, it’s filled with affordable restaurants selling delicious food. One of my favourites has to be Tokyou, a cool little noodle bar that attracts a great mix of visitors and locals with its tasty dishes, large portions and cheap prices.

    If you’re thinking of spending some time in this fantastic English city, don’t forget that we’ve got a great selection of hostels in Liverpool for you to check out. Download our free Liverpool pocket guide and you’ll find out about the huge array of free museums you can visit in Liverpool, why the city is really popular with Beatles fans and plenty more.

    For a closer look at the city’s top attractions including the likes of Anfield Stadium, watch our Liverpool video postcard. If you like hearing about cool bars, restaurants and neighbourhoods from people who actually live in the city, check out our Liverpool – Ask the locals podcast.

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