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  1. Our photo of the day: In Granada's 'Alcaicería' neighbourhood

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    Our photo of the day: In Granada's 'Alcaicería' neighbourhood


    While it isn't one of Spain's biggest cities, Granada in the south of the country still has different neighbourhoods worth exploring. One of these is called Alcaicería which is where I took today's photo.

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    Once the city's main bazaar, Alcaicería is a bit of a tourist trap but worth visiting nonetheless. The area's Calle Oficios and Calle Alcaicería are where you'll encounter shops selling tourist kitsch, while here you'll also meet busking flamenco artists and ladies handing out dried herbs - both of whom are looking for your spare change.

    While Granada isn't on the radar of many travellers making their way through Spain, I think it should be. It's a fascinating city. Along with the neighbourhoods it's also home to one of Spain's best-know attractions, the 'Alhambra'. Not only that - you can get free tapas with beers in many of the bars! Find out about all of this in our free pocket guide for Granada.

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