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  1. Our photo of the day: In Valencia’s Mercado Central

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    Our photo of the day: In Valencia’s Mercado Central


    I love Valencia – I’ve been there twice. The last time was for a festival called Las Fallas. It was crazy. I can honestly say that I never experienced anything like it before. But the time before that was my first visit, and what I liked most about it was the fact that it isn’t commericalised like other Spanish cities. It’s got lots of places to explore, one of them being Mercado Central which is pictured here.

    I was over in Valencia to update our online travel guide and gather content for our free pocket guide. I visited lots of cool bars and cafés when I was there, and if you like pizza, then you’ll have to check out a great pizzeria there – Al Pomodoro on Calle del Mar. It’s featured in the guide along with lots of other places.

    Of course don’t forget if you are planning a trip to this city (and I recommend you do), we’ve got lots of cheap hostels there, too.

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