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  1. Our photo of the day: Inside the Cathedral in Pisa

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    Our photo of the day: Inside the Cathedral in Pisa


    We love Pisa and think that it’s definitely one of Italy’s most underrated cities. Just like its busy counterparts including Rome and Milan, it’s full of bustling squares where you can relax with a cappuccino watching the world go by. Of course, when you’re there you have to visit the famous Leaning Tower, getting the obligatory snap of you holding it up in the process.

    I took this photo inside Pisa’s cathedral during a 3-day trip to the city and while I was there, I filmed our Pisa video postcard which gives you a look at how great this city really is. While I was in Pisa, I discovered a lovely little family-run trattoria called Ristorante Turrido and enjoyed their food so much that I featured the restaurant in our free Pisa pocket guide. This guide is packed with lots of titbits of information to help you plan your adventure in Pisa.

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