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  1. Our photo of the day: One of Bangkok's omnipresent tuk-tuk drivers

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    Our photo of the day: One of Bangkok's omnipresent tuk-tuk drivers


    There are certain things which are part and parcel of a trip to Bangkok. A stroll down the Khao San Road is one. Eating quality street food is another. One other is a trip on one of the city's celebrated tuk-tuks.

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    Walking around Bangkok you'll see them everywhere. They're omnipresent if you will. There are lots of them along the aforementioned Khao San Road - the most famous backpacker strip on the planet. Talk to anybody who has been to the Thai capital and they'll tell you they've been on one.

    Now...a word of warning - tuk-tuk drivers are notorious for conning travellers of all types. Ask them to take you to a certain temple and they may tell you it's closed, suggesting a different temple instead. While they will take you to a different temple, they'll also try and get you to buy suits/sapphires from suppliers around the city. So if you do get one be adamant that you only want to go to the destination you're mentioning to them. Explain to them 'No suits! No sapphires!'

    Another bit of advice - tuk-tuks are more expensive than metred taxis. There's no doubt about that. They're still not particularly expensive, but definitely not as cheap as taxis. We recommend getting them at least once and if not twice, then use a different mode of public transport the rest of the time.

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