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  1. Our photo of the day: Strolling along Market Street in Manchester

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    Our photo of the day: Strolling along Market Street in Manchester


    During my stay in Manchester, I found myself in and around Market Street a number of times and it was always busy. And the reason why it attracts so many people? Well, it’s the main shopping street in Manchester and, as such, is home to a huge number of different stores including plenty of internationally recognisable brands.

    I really like heading to Manchester because it has a fantastic live music scene. You’ll see bands there playing their hearts out every night in venues all over the city. Many of these venues double as some of Manchester’s most popular watering holes, such as Night & Day Café on Oldham Street in the Northern Quarter. To find out more about this area and other bars to check out in the city, download our free Manchester pocket guide.

    Not just for night owls, Manchester also boasts a fantastic selection of cultural attractions including a plethora of museums and galleries. These include Manchester Museum, Manchester Art Gallery, Museum of Science and Industry, and John Ryland’s Library. All of these are free to visit, so you’ll be able to stick to your budget and still see plenty of attractions. Another great way to save money in Manchester – stay in one of our great hostels in Manchester.

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