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  1. Our photo of the day: The popular Nyhavn area in Copenhagen

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    Our photo of the day: The popular Nyhavn area in Copenhagen


    I love Copenhagen, from the Little Mermaid to the funky free town of Christiania. There’s so much to see and do while you’re there. You can check out Hans Christian Andersen’s grave in the Assistens Cemetery or sample tasty local favourites at the sausage stands. You can also stroll through Nyhavn (pictured here), which might be a touristy area, but is popular for a reason, and on sunny days you’ll find plenty of locals hanging out there down by the water.

    Don’t forget, if you do fancy a trip to Denmark’s capital and largest city, we’ve got a great selection of hostels in Copenhagen where you can stay.

    While you’re in the city, I’d definitely recommend a visit to the beautiful beaches of Charlottenlund, just a short trip from the city centre. This area is also home to cool attractions like Danmarks Akvarium. If you like bargains, you can check out the flea markets taking place regularly at locations around the city, including Israel Plads. To find out more about these, along with info on some of my favourite bars and restaurants in Copenhagen, check out our free Copenhagen pocket guide.

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