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  1. Our photo of the day: The sea lion colony at Palomina Island, Lima

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    Our photo of the day: The sea lion colony at Palomina Island, Lima


    I've seen lots of things in my travels over the last twelve years or so, but unquestionably one of the most overwhelming sights I've ever witnessed (or smelt or heard for that matter) was on an island not far from Lima, capital of Peru.

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    The place was Palomina Island and the sight was over a thousand sea lions lazing on the rocks, swimming in the sea, jumping up beside the boat and more. We visited the island as part of a day trip I went on with Francis from Albergue Miraflores House and a few others from the hostel. Nothing prepared me for what I saw that day. The noise was almost deafening and the smell was one I won't forget in a hurry. I think the biggest shock was that I really wasn't expecting what I saw. I mean, we were told we were going to a sea lion colony, but I didn't realise it would be like that.

    While a day trip out on one of the boats to the colony may seem expensive if you're budget is tight, it's ultimately worth it as I can safely say you may never see anything like it in your life. So if your in the process of planning a visit to South America right now and Lima is on the itinerary, make sure to put by a few pesos for this trip. You won't regret it.

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