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  1. Party for free with Dublin’s Best Hostels

    posted by Tracy Lynch | 1 Comments

    Party for free with Dublin’s Best Hostels


    Dublin's Best Hostels have gathered together to throw the party of the year in Dublin and YOU are invited!

    The first Backpacker's Ball takes place this Friday night, September 23rd at The Village, one of Dublin's funkiest nightclub venues. Here you will find mad nomads and trendy travellers from all over the world gathered together to jump around to the sounds of live bands, meet new friends (and maybe lovers), and dance to the tunes of the DJ whilst being showered with delicious popcorn from a cannon (think foam party but with popcorn).

    There will be antics such as beer pong, twisted twister and a pillow fighting contest with prizes on the night. There will also be drink specials, promos and exclusive discounts and even FREE FOOD (not just popcorn).

    This is absolutely FREE and exclusive for guests of Dublin's Best Hostels, the most successful, popular and best rated hostels in Dublin City. The night kicks off with live bands from 9pm and the DJ plays ‘til late. You can get your FREE Ticket at your Dublin's Best Hostel.

    So if your Dublin-bound this Friday night, book your bed in one of Dublin's Best Hostels, check in and check it out.

    Find out more about Dublin's Best Hostels here.

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    Silvia Leonard said on 23/09/2011 at 11:22am

    Nice, I'm in Dublin tonight so that's my evening taken care of. Thank you.

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