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  1. Peameal bacon sandwiches, a Toronto favourite

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    Peameal bacon sandwiches, a Toronto favourite


    Today I recorded a ‘What not to miss’ podcast for Toronto with Michele Simpson from Tourism Toronto. Afterwards, Michele introduced me to a Torontonian favourite – the peameal bacon sandwich.

    We wandered down to the St. Lawrence Market located on Front Street East. Inside the market hall you’ll find Carousel Bakery which has been in operation for more than 30 years. They serve up one of the best peameal bacon sandwiches in the city, along with plenty of other sandwiches too.

    Peameal bacon is a thick slice of what is usually back bacon that’s been covered in fine corn meal. And I can tell you first hand that it is delicious.

    At Carousel Bakery, they serve it up in a soft white bap and once you get your sandwich in hand you round the counter to add the important final ingredient – mustard. There’s a really good selection to choose from and today I had Dijon on my sandwich.

    We went outside to eat, which is where I took this picture, as it was another beautiful day here in Toronto. After lunch I said goodbye to Michele and went to explore some of Toronto’s top neighbourhoods including The Beach, which you can read about in my next post.

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