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  1. Perfect pizza in Pisa

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    Perfect pizza in Pisa


    I'm seriously having a Homer Simpson moment because the dinner I had tonight definitely deserves an 'mmm...pizza'. I ate at Ristorante Centrale which is on Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, not too far from the central station. Really great food, just how pizza should be, and great value too! After dinner, I crossed the Ponto di Mezzo and walked towards Piazza Cairoli where I stopped into Almatea, an awesome and really popular bar. Lots of people sitting outside with plenty inside too, many snacking from the fingerfood platters left out all over the bar. Great atmosphere in there, and a great spot for an after-dinner tipple.

    Today was sunny again, and I really got to enjoy that sun because I spent most of the day outside walking between places like the beautiful Giardino Scotto Park and the shaded benches in Piazza Martiri delle Liberta. This is a city with a bunch of Piazzas, all of them awesome. I also discovered I could refill my water bottle at the numerous drining fountains scattered around the city, which was a pretty cool way to save a few quid.

    Tomorrow, I'm off to Lucca. It's a city a little further inland from here, about 20 minutes by train. I'm told it's pretty gorgeous over there and I'm looking forward to the trip and to hopefully seeing a bit more of Tuscany!

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