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  1. Pizza and a beer in Greenside

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    Pizza and a beer in Greenside


    I returned to Greenside yesterday evening for two reasons – I heard there was a cool pizza place there as well as a cool bar. I checked out both.

    The pizza was in a place called Andiccio24. It’s on Gleneagles Road in the middle of Greenside. They take their pizzas seriously here as, apart from ice-cream, there’s nothing else on the menu (not their sit-in menu anyway, although you can get pasta for take-away). There are no set pizzas either. After sitting down a piece of paper with a checklist is placed in front of you. This is built into different sections – base, extra cheeses, meats, herbs and veggies. Then you simply select what you want and build your own pizza. Simple.

    Beside that is Gin, a ultra-cool bar. It serves cocktails and beers, and has a DJ playing funky tunes from Wednesday-Saturday. Both can make for a great evening here in Greenside.

    Now it’s the morning of Thursday February 18th and I’m about to rent a car again. Wonder if it will be as easy as driving as in Cape Town?

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