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  1. Plenty of pintxos in San Sebastian's Parte Vieja

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    Plenty of pintxos in San Sebastian's Parte Vieja


    Just back from Parte Vieja, San Sebastian's old town area, where I recorded an interview for one of our Hostelworld.com podcasts. (You can check out more of the Hostelworld.com podcasts here.) Before I sat to do the interview with Gabriella Ranelli, who runs a cooking school and tour operation in town, I wandered around Parte Vieja sampling a great selection of pintxos (the local equivalent of tapas) with Gabriella and her colleague Fiona.

    On this trip from bar to bar, I had the chance to sample everything from wild mushrooms, to fresh tuna, to beef cheek! That's right. I said cheek! I also learned about 'goose barnacles', a type of shellfish that's a total delicacy here. They have these funky little shells that look for all the world like chain mail. Those I didn't sample, but I did try out lots of the great pintxos on offer.

    I have to say, I really have to recommend Bar Borda-Berri (home of the beef cheek) as probably my favourite. Young crowd, great prices for their food (pintxos are around €3 each), and just a really good atmosphere in there.

    After that, I left Gabriella and went to take some night shots. Got a couple but I'm going to take some more on Friday night hopefully because I hear that's when the island in the bay is all lit up!

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