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  1. Podcasting and filming in London

    posted by Colm Hanratty | 0 Comments


    Share photos on twitter with TwitpicWhile I am now in Barcelona, I didnt manage to make it to a computer last week when I was over in London...busy busy busy! I was there last Thursday and Friday interviewing people for podcasts and filming another video - "How to save money in London" which will be available soon.

    First thing I did in London was go to the Tower of London to interview a Yeoman Sergant (aka beefeater) Bob Loughlin for a podcast. Here I am with him. Clothes are something else aren't they?! Then it was over to the Tube Film Office to pick up a permit to allow me to film there and then it was off to Leicester Square to interview Julia Hallawell from the Society of London for a podcast about the West End. Both podcasts will be up soon. That evening we met up with a few people we work with over there for drinks in Soho and then it was off to bed.

    Friday was filming day - my colleague Aisling was over also so she gave me a hand filming the 'piece to cameras' (the bit where I'm talking to the camera). We had to film five bits for five tips. They are...actually, I'll let you wait until the video is ready.

    Now I'm in Barcelona getting ready for a 5-day Spanish course in International House. Maybe my next post will be in Spanish?!

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