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    The Positive Impact Award is up next in our Travel Story Awards 2013 nominee longlists…

    We asked you to nominate "A post that shows how to contribute positively to the world while travelling; whether to communities, individuals or the environment," and received some truly inspirational stories from readers.

    The top 15 entries are revealed in our longlist below, with their reasons for being nominated. And remember…

    - Voting for the Positive Impact Award will open on December 11th.

    - The top 15 nominees are below, and we’ll be announcing the final shortlist of five on the first day of voting.

    - The blogger with the most votes will be revealed in January, and will win a week’s free accommodation from Hostelworld.

    Positive Impact Award Longlist: the Top 15 Nominations

    Anywhere but Home

    Hands in the dirt: 2 weeks at a permaculture course in Thailand

    "Naomi writes beautifully and her experience unplugged on a farm in Thailand is inspiring."

    Bucket List Journey

    Bathing Elephants at a Rescue in Thailand

    "While traveling to Thailand, Annette took time out to volunteer at an elephant rescue center, proving that giving is so rewarding and amongst the most memorable of experiences."

    Monkeys and Mountains

    Unexpected Ecotourism Destinations According to Top Travel Bloggers

    No reason given. We love it anyway.

    Solo Travel Blog

    15 Ways to Be a Good Traveler: solo or otherwise

    "A post that covers 15 ways that people can be good travelers and has encouraged 12 comments with additional thoughts so far."

    Breathe, Dream, Go

    A Tale of Two Countries: India

    "India was hit hard by negative media attention following several highly publicized rapes, and the entire country was stereotyped in an extremely negative way: there is much more to India than bad press"

    Go Nomad

    Making a Difference with Terra Incognita Tours

    "Some great ways to travel and give back."

    The Shooting Star

    5 Ways I’ve Changed to Travel More Responsibly

    "Simple ways to be more responsible."

    The Longest Way Home

    For better or worse: tourists, hashish and hard drugs in Kathmandu Nepal

    No reason given. We love it anyway.


    Mean Streets of Budapest – Street Photography Dilemmas in Hungary

    "An example of the difficulties often faced when travelling to certain parts of the world."

    The Most Alive

    How Backpacking Through Bolivia Became A Life Defining Moment

    "An inspiring story of a solo female traveller whose life was forever changed by a volunteering experience."

    Time Travel Turtle

    Trying to get out of the slum

    "When it comes to responsible travel, there's a lot of emphasis on helping local communities. Well, these slum-dwellers in Bangkok are trying to turn their own lives around with the help of foreigners."

    I Luv 2 Globetrot

    Volunteering Abroad in Kenya

    "Inspiring details of volunteering abroad!"

    Global Help Swap

    Volunteering tips for travellers

    "This website is dedicated to helping travellers volunteer and this post is full of tips for the same."

    Blissful Guro

    Klasrum ng Pag-Asa - Sulu

    "Doing something in dangerous, far flung area of the country and trying to build changes."

    Backpacker Becki

    Street Children in Cambodia – How do your Actions Contribute to Bad Practise?

    "Many tourists are still unaware of how giving to street children impacts the wider community"

    Congratulations to all nominees!

    Stay tuned for the rest of our Travel Story Award category longlists, coming soon:

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