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  1. Pretoria podcast now live on site

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    Pretoria podcast now live on site


    My first South African podcast, ‘Pretoria – At the Union Buildings’ is now live on the site! In it I speak with Kassiani Lythrangomitis, website manager at the South African Presidency which is housed in Union Buildings.

    In the podcast, which was recorded behind the Union Buildings in a part of the grounds that isn’t accessible to the public yet, I learned all about the history of the Union Buildings which are one of the city’s most visible attractions and which have played a pretty large part in South Africa’s history.

    As well as finding out when the Union Buildings were constructed and what happens there today, I also learned about some of the important events that have taken place here throughout the year, including the inauguration of former President Nelson Mandela in 1994.

    If you’d like to listen to or download this Pretoria podcast, you’ll find it here.

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