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  1. Public transport in Chicago, and Lincoln Park

    posted by Colm Hanratty | 0 Comments

    Public transport in Chicago, and Lincoln Park


    Today, for the upcoming video “10 things you need to know about Chicago”, which will be similar to our other “10 things” videos, I took a lot of shots of trains. The train here in Chicago, known as the subway, CTA and ‘L’, is an efficient service and makes getting around the city.

    From here I travelled out to one of the city’s most popular beaches, North Ave Beach. It’s right beside the neighbourhood Lincoln Park. There’s a great vibe there on a Sunday. People were playing volleyball, relaxing in the bar there, and enjoying the panoramic views of the skyline. Make sure to visit when here.

    From here I walked back up Lincoln Ave to the centre of Lincoln Park. It’s a trendy neighbourhood but one popular with students also. Before jumping on the train and coming back to HI Chicago which is where I am now, I dropped into Kingston Mines. It’s a blues club that I keep hearing things about. Looking forward to filming there later on.

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