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  1. Puppy Cafe

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    Puppy Cafe


    You haven’t lived (or laughed) until you’ve been to a puppy café. I was lucky enough to stumble upon one while in Hongdae, the area surrounding Hongik University, a private college in Seoul reputed in the country for its Fine Arts program. While Hongdae is known for its art and independent music scene, in my mind it will always stand out as the place I first experienced the magic and wonder of Bau Haus Dog Café.

    The Bau Haus is a coffee shop where canine lovers can enjoy a nice cup of joe, bring their own dogs, or simply play with one of the fifteen or so pups that permanently live there. The catch? It’s a complete doggy chaotic mess, and it’s glorious.

    As soon as I walked in the door, I was met with the horrendous smell that can only come from massive amounts of dogs frolicking around in one tiny space. They were everywhere! Dogs of all shapes, sizes and colors were jumping off tables, running around and wallowing on the floor. The greatest thing was that no one was even phased by it. Everyone just calmly sipped their coffee as dogs leaped around them, slobbering on everything…but I mean, no big deal, lint rollers are provided.

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    A dog cafe said on 21/02/2010 at 9:05am

    "Bau Haus" is a cute idea. I've not seen one in the US as yet. Cheers to you as you continue to discover new things.

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