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  1. Record breaking at the Hoscars!

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    Record breaking at the Hoscars!


    While the main event at this year's annual Hostelworld.com Hoscar Awards Ceremony was awarding the top hostels in the world, another monumental event took place – a host of people from the Dublin hostel industry set a new world record!

    The record? Getting the most amount of people ever on to the one bunk-bed! Organised by Dublin's Best Hostels, 29 people from 8 different hostels in Dublin (Avalon House, Four Courts, Jacobs Inn, Marlborough Hostel, Abbey Court, Barnacles, Kinlay House and Isaacs Hostel) managed to get themselves on to a bunk bed provided by ‘Sleep Tite’.

    As you can see from the photo it was no easy feat! Congratulations to all involved and here’s to more records being broken by hostels around the world.

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