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  1. Recording podcasts at two of Montréal’s top museums

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    Recording podcasts at two of Montréal’s top museums


    I recorded the first of three podcasts for my ‘Only in Montreal’ podcast this afternoon at the Musée d’art Contemporain.

    Before the interview, Danielle from the Musée showed me around the different displays even though the museum is closed to the public on Mondays.

    It was great to actually see the art before we talked. I’d really recommend a trip here as the displays are eye-catching and interesting for everyone, not just those with an interest in contemporary art.

    After that podcast interview, I made my way to the McCord Museum of Canadian History. Another great Montréal museum, it features a huge collection of artefacts from clothing to weaponry. On a visit to this museum, you’ll learn a huge amount about the history of the city. There’s also an incredibly colourful display dedicated to the famous Cirque du Soleil performance company which is based here in Montréal.

    Sol showed me around the exhibits today after I recorded a podcast interview with Cynthia who’s a curator at the museum.

    From there I made my way back to the HI-Montréal with a couple of detours. On the way I stopped in at the Christ Church Cathedral which is home to a huge organ and lots of beautiful stained glass windows.

    Right beside the church, you’ll find one of the entrances to Montréal’s amazing weatherproof city which is located mostly underground and is a network of shops, restaurants, apartments and lots more. It’s bright and airy in there so you wouldn’t actually know you’re underground. This really is one place you have to visit if you’re planning a trip to Montréal.

    The weather this evening has been a bit wet for my liking but hopefully tomorrow will be better as I plan to head out to the Olympic Village and the Botanic Gardens in the morning.

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