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  1. Robben Island - not to be missed

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    Robben Island - not to be missed


    Yesterday I visited one of the most fascinating museums I’ve been to in a long time – Robben Island. This is where Nelson Mandela spent almost 18 years behind bars. It stopped operating as a prison as we know it in 1996, and just one year later in 1997 it began functioning as a museum.

    My guide for the day was Lucas. He’s been there for 10 years now. He drove me around the island to different highlights such as the school (it’s still a school today incidentally, serving the children of the parents who work there), the quarry where the inmates used to work, and the cells where they slept. Lucas had so many stories to tell that I could’ve stayed there a lot longer than the three that I did. If you’re coming to Cape Town don’t miss it.

    Now I’m back in the hostel getting ready for departing. For now at least. I’m back on Monday to shoot some community project work for the video. Still, I’m a bit sad leaving here. It’s a cool hostel and I’ve made some great friends. At least I get to back.

    Now though, before I go to Hermanus I’ve got one more attraction to shoot – the Chapman’s Peak Drive.

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