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  1. Sand, shells and strawberries

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    Sand, shells and strawberries


    Once I got back to Island Vibe yesterday evening, I ran into Ed who suggested we go check out Supertubes. It’s one of the area’s best surfing spots and there’s a pretty cool beach to walk along too.

    We walked for quiet a while along the stretch of beach, checking out the pretty impressive beach houses lining the strand and then found a spot by one of the rock pools to sit for a while.

    The beach has a huge amount of shells on it and I was more than content to sift through them looking for some good ones. My best friend (also called Rebecca) makes really awesome jewellery so I figured I might be able to get my hands on some cool bits and bobs that she could use.

    This here is a picture of my haul and I don’t think I did too badly! One thing I’m pretty sure she won’t be able to use is that white, v-shaped shell towards the middle. That’s not actually a shell at all. That is, I’m told, a turtle’s beak. Pretty cool!

    After that we headed back and then went to have some food at 3 Fat Fish. I was hoping to try the calamari here as I’d heard amazing things about it but the restaurant was packed and before we got to try it they’d run out. In the end, I had a pasta dish which was really delicious too. Here I also had a couple of virgin strawberry daiquiri  cocktails and they were so, so good.

    At that stage it’d been a long day for me so we headed back to Island Vibe and I headed straight to sleep.

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