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  1. Santa comes early for London shoppers

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    Santa comes early for London shoppers


    Shopaholics will be overcome with glee at this year's Shop West End VIP Day taking place in London on Saturday, December 5th. On this day some of the city's busiest shopping streets including Oxford Street, will be car free.

    That's right! No cars to block your way when inspiration strikes and you need to be in the shop across the street right that very second to snap up the perfect present. While some thrillseekers may miss the excitement of dodging double-deckers to get to Topshop, most people are delighted at the prospect of shopping streets devoid of troublesome traffic.

    Huge numbers turned out for this event last year, with this year set to be even bigger and better. Chill-out zones have been added to the day's festivities, giving you a chance to take a mid-spree breather and listen to some live music, and lots more.

    The Shop West End VIP Day covers Regent Street and Bond Street, as well as the aforementioned Oxford Street, and during the event the shops will remain open until 9pm.

    So, plenty of time to pick up the perfect pair of slippers for dear old Gran!

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