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  1. Santiago to Mendoza - an invaluable tip

    posted by Colm Hanratty | 1 Comments

    Santiago to Mendoza - an invaluable tip


    Before coming on this trip Mendoza wasn’t on the itinerary. Then I did a bit of research, found out that it’s actually a very popular spot on the backpacker trail and has a lot of interesting attributes. I then pencilled it in.

    On the trek to Machu Picchu I met a Canadian guy called Tory who gave me an invaluable tip – when booking the bus pre-book it in advance and book a company that offers double decker buses. Then book the seat at the front of the bus on the top floor. You will have panoramic views of the Andes for the entire journey.

    When I got to Santiago I did just that – I went to the bus station, pre-booked my ticket on a CATA bus from Mendoza to Santiago on the top floor and at the front. As you can see, it was a good view…this was my view.

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    Rafal Mierzwiak said on 30/10/2009 at 2:20pm

    Hey there, Ah, what a view!.. reminds me some photos a friend of mine took last year while visiting his home town, Mendoza: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ivanico/sets/72157603520750584/ some of them are just absolutely breathe taking... I'd love to go there, see and feel it all for myself! Ehh... I kinda envy you, Colm! ;)

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