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  1. Schanzenviertel – one of Hamburg’s top neighbourhoods

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    Schanzenviertel – one of Hamburg’s top neighbourhoods


    This evening, after a long day of sightseeing, I headed to the Schanzenviertel area of Hamburg to have some dinner and check out some of the bars there.

    It’s a good area for nightlife and for food, and it’s got a much more laid back feel than the Reeperbahn. Plus there are lots of funky little boutiques and alternative stores in the area if you fancy a bit of shopping before dinner.

    I ate at a place called Presse on Susannenstrasse this evening and had the big bowl of pasta you can see here. It was very reasonably priced and the staff were really friendly. I sat inside but there were lots of people sitting at the tables outside too, chattering away.

    From there I made my way to Schulterblatt, another busy street in the Schanzenviertel area. There are lots of bars and restaurants along this street too, but I stopped off at Bedford where they do a huge selection of drinks. They’ve got a really busy outdoor seating area, which is a great place to sit with a drink and enjoy the atmosphere of this popular neighbourhood.

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