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  1. Seal pups aplenty

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    Seal pups aplenty


    Nothing like a walk on the beach to get you going in the morning and here in Mossel Bay I was really spoiled with my trip to Santos Beach this morning.

    To get there I left Mossel Bay Backpackers and walked along Marsh Street, which is the town's main drag. Along the way I passed a number of bars but we'll get to them a little later.

    When I reached the Dias Museum Complex, I decided to delay my beach walk for a little while to take in some of Mossel Bay's history. The complex, which costs a mere 10 Rand to enter, is home to a maritime museum, a shell museum (complete with some living examples!) and the famous post office tree, which is over 500 years old.

    Once I'd had a look around, I left the complex via the lower exit, which is just a short hop from Santos Beach. People were already out enjoying the water and strolling around the beach when I was there. I was quite happy to join those strolling along the sand and I took plenty of photos and video.

    After I was done, I headed across to the harbour to get my ticket for the Romonza boat trip out to Seal Island. The wind was up so the trip was a bit chilly (Yeah, I know I've been here a while when I'm thinking of 20 degrees as chilly!) and the ocean spray was pretty refreshing. I have to say though that I really enjoyed the trip.

    Seal island is home to a huge colony of fur seals including a large number of two-month old seal pups. Here's a relatively safe place for them to learn to swim and our guide informed us that they'll remain at the island until they're 11 months old.

    After all that sea air I was a bit peckish so I stopped off at Cafe Havana. This place is actually a really popular nightspot in town thanks to its top-notch selection of cocktails (including one called Gummy Bear Juice which made the kid in me very amused) and cigar lounge. Have to say that their food is excellent too and it's worth checking this place out even if you're not much of a night owl. I had a salsa burger here and it was really delicious. Plus it was on special so it only cost 35 Rand which is amazing value.

    After lunch it was time for a little spin.

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