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  1. Seoul’s traditional side

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    Seoul’s traditional side


    My next adventure in Seoul involved getting in touch with Korea’s traditional side. First, I headed to Gyeongbokgung Palace, which translates to “Palace Greatly Blessed by Heaven.” The grand architect combined with the peaceful calm encapsulating the grounds made it easy to imagine that I was transported back in time, moseying about the largest palace from the Joseon Dynasty.

    After watching the changing of the guards and refraining from breaking up the rigid lines with wild ninja kicks, I went a few subway stops farther to Insadong, a well known traditional area in Seoul. I strolled down the streets lined with art galleries, tea shops, people peddling antiques, long haired men playing flutes, and old women pounding out rice cakes, stopping at the area where traditional performances typically take place. On this particular day, I was graced with a woman dressed in full traditional clothing, belting out a tune, while adorable Korean children danced about her in a circle.

    All the walking around left me hungry and craving…pizza? Definitely not a traditional food for my traditional Korean day, but how could I resist “Mr. Pizza’s” alluring slogan: “Love for Women.”

    Exactly. You would have been lured in too.

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